Disinfecting equipment, bedpans, shower beds, chemical disinfection, stainless program, sterilizator, lifting jacks, homecare etc.CSO OSTRAVA Ltd. - Medical Equipment for the Hospitals
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   The CSO OSTRAVA Ltd. was established in 1991. It has been dealing in medical equipment manufacture and sales since its very outset. The basic idea of this Company is to simplify the work to be done by the middle medical staff and to make it more comfortable when nursing the patients in hospitals, old people´s homes, social care institutions, short-term stay hospitals and home care agencies (HOMECARE).

CSO OSTRAVA Ltd. Equipment for the hospitals

The Highest Quality - the Lowest Price

  1. Disinfecting Equipment for Bedpans and Urinals made by CSO Ltd.
  2. Shower Beds made by CSO Ltd.
  3. Shower Tubs for HOMECARE made by CSO Ltd.
  4. Shower Disinfecting Panels made by CSO Ltd.
  5. Shower Disinfecting Panels with stainless sink made by CSO Ltd.
  6. Disinfecting Device for a Chemical Disinfection made by CSO Ltd.
  7. Stainless Program


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